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Bella Harrison CEO of Bellazan Limited

I was always destined to work in the arts. At school I was constantly told “you are a square peg in a round hole” and remember thinking why would anyone want to fit into a round hole?

As a child I loved visual art but couldn’t paint or draw and so found a forum of creating art through dance, drama and music. I had a successful career in theatre travelling across the globe and creating magic in some of the most prestigious theatres in the world.

One of my first creative jobs was in Opera when I instantly fell in love with the often extravagant productions, filled with singers, actors and dancers in exquisite costumes on the most lavish of sets. A place I felt at home. All of these beautiful elements coming together to create something quite magical felt to me to be a true piece of art.

I first started working with Digitally Printed Leather over ten years ago. It was a world away from the theatre but I loved how you could take something that is so luxurious and beautiful to touch is often seen as plain but that could be turned into something fresh and dynamic, bursting with design and colour. It’s when the tactile is matched with the visual where the leather truly comes to life.

For more than ten years I have enjoyed working with designers on how to bring leather out of the shadows of its history by printing, and while that informed me of the industry further, I yearned for the opportunity to create something of my own. That’s when I formed Bellazan Ltd.

Bellazan was originally created in order to be able to hand pick beautiful works of art and build collections but has become so much more. I thought, ‘why not share this passion with others?’ so that’s what we’ve done, by offering the opportunity for others to print their designs on the finest Italian Leather and create something quite unique.

Bellazan specialises in stunning, statement pieces of art on leather but also acts as a hub for like minded creative types to do the same in their field of expertise.

Photograph by Neil Gillespie, Royal Opera House, Covent Garden.

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