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Alex Buts

Photographer: Alex Buts


Alex Buts is widely regarded as one of the most known commercial and advertising Beauty Fashion photographer who is working in such styles as art, street, food and travel.From the very beginning of career he has rather promptly begun to win the market of the commercial photo worldwide. His images advertized such equipment as Apple, Samsung, and Sony and were on Vogue covers.

That time he started his work with a photo stocks where had at once made great progress for rather short period of time. He is recognized as one of the most perspective photographer according to Shutterstock. Also Alex was invited by the website DepositPhotos for cooperation.

Still cooperates with Mosaic Art London in United Kingdom where his works are presenting in the form of huge mosaics

Alexander conducts master classes, teaches at various schools of the photo art.

Besides he held personal exhibitions in Germany and England, at the same time begun sale of the works through galleries. The exhibition operating at present is in France in Eleven Art Gallery.

Moreover he opened the PhotoWebExpo exhibition in Istanbul, furthermore he opened it the first among 15 invited photographers from the whole world. That day he had received an award “For a Contribution in Development of the Photo in Turkey”.

Alex Buts not just a name, it is a brand production with team of professionals who work with Alex in a team. They are not only retouches, but also makeup artists, masters of hairdresser’s art, stylists, video operators and organizers who help to make result of shootings always inimitable that helps Alexander to do top-level qualitative content.

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