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Graham Tooby Profile Picture

Photographer: Graham Tooby



Born and bred in London, Graham Tooby is a British photographer with a distinctive and recognizable photographic approach. Having graduated from London Guildhall University in Art & Design many moons ago, Graham worked for 5x years as a photographic assistant to a top London still life photographer learning his craft.

Graham took over the West End studio in Gt Titchfield Street in 2002, enjoying many successes when he transformed the studio to digital keeping up with the digital revolution. Graham was and still is shooting for many key industry players.

Grahams credits include: Vodafone Worldwide, Gillette, John Lewis, McVities, Toshiba, Honda, Peugeot, Citroen, Coca-Cola, Sony, Pepsi, HSBC, Nespresso, Hewlett Packard, Xerox, Bailetti, Unilever, Hilton Group, Clarks, Cadburys, Garnier, Courvoisier, Dairy Crest, Dettol, Harvey Nichols, Mont Blanc, Visa, Mac, Emirates, Milka, Kraft Foods, Nestle, to name a few.

Graham has an international client base, and the ability to adapt to current trends and situations shows with new and adaptive fresh work.

With a tireless attitude and true commitment to his photography with the latest work now appearing in Galleries and available to buy even on leather through Bella at Bellazan.

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