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The fresh young brand By Femke was started in 2015 by Femke Van Gulck.

In 2008 she graduated from the Royal Academy of fine arts in Antwerp as a jewellery designer but before this had always had a passion for creating beautiful statement pieces and accessories as well as having an obsession (and an impressive collection) with beautifully made leather handbags!

It was this weakness for handbags that would lead her, after she had graduated, to working in a Belgian company that owns three different brands of bags and enable her to learn about all the different sides of a Leather Handbag brand from sketch and design, to choosing components and fittings to create a bag to selling in stores and marketing a business worldwide.

It was during this time that Femke started on a journey to learn the craftmanship of actually making leather goods and since has never looked back!

In 2017 Femke was introduced by a mutual friend to Bella Harrison the CEO of Bellazan.  Bella had been working in the leather industry for the past 10 + years and was looking for a way for Digitally Printed Art to be incorporated into Fashion and Accessories and as a result Bellazan by Femke was born.

Femke makes unique leather goods, mainly bags which not only are crafted beautifully but are also stand alone statement pieces.

Bella curates unique collections of Art on Leather that are not only beautifully printed but also are stand alone statement pieces.

They both only use the finest Italian Leather and are passionate about creating something beautiful.

Together they design and create this stunning collection of Alussa Printed Leather Handbags for you to enjoy.



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